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  • Jason Parkin
    Jason Parkin

    Jason Parkin

    President + Chief Creative Officer

    Limits, like fears, are often an illusion.

    Jason Parkin has more than 20 years of experience specializing in creative strategy, interactive/user-centered design, and animation. He is a founder and former Design Director of Motionbox, a personal video sharing company that was acquired by HP Snapfish in 2010, where he helped create a then new, and now widely used interface for viewing online video. His work has been recognized by various award bodies including the Webby’s, the MIN Best of the Web Awards, OMMA, and the One Show Interactive Awards.

    Prior to founding Compose[d], he was the Creative Director for Maxim Digital – where he headed up all creative for both advertising and editorial content, and Art Director for CondéNet’s Creative Services division. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Jason lives in New York City with his wife Nicky and their dogs Shiloh and Ryder. He is USCF Category 3 bicycle racer, ice hockey player, hiker, and photographer in his limited spare time. He also serves on the board of the non-profit Community++, and is a member of American Mensa.

  • Misaa Becker
    Misaa Becker

    Misaa Becker

    VP, Digital Marketing

    Misaa specializes in, and is passionate about building brand marketing and consumer-centric strategies within the digital space. Her approach is metric-driven and value-to-customer focused. She joins Compose[d] from the brand side, where she lead eCommerce and Digital Marketing practices across Shiseido, Clé de Peau Beauté, and Clinique.

  • Jaclyn Tokarz
    Jaclyn Tokarz

    Jaclyn Tokarz

    Art Director

    Anyone have a spare ticket to Hamilton?

    Jaclyn joined the Compose[d] team in 2013, after working as a designer for La Mer and Trish McEvoy cosmetics. With each of her clients, she most enjoys the challenge of balancing brand personality against its potential for evolution.

    In her spare time, Jaclyn can often be found reading with a cappuccino in hand. She is most passionate about traveling, hand lettering and calligraphy, and Game of Thrones. Especially Game of Thrones.

  • Drew Elovitz
    Drew Elovitz

    Drew Elovitz

    Director of Content Strategy

    Drew Elovitz is a social and digital content strategist with 10+ years of professional experience in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Upon receiving her Masters in Media & Pop Culture at NYU, Drew began her career on the agency side as the Twitter voice of Barbie. She then graduated to leading social media at Teen Vogue for three years, and was the driving force behind social-first video content creation at Entertainment Weekly. Most recently, Drew has created influencer programs for a variety of fashion and beauty brands, and consulted for industry disruptors such as Drybar and Sweetgreen.

  • Mike Hickey
    Mike Hickey

    Mike Hickey

    Lead Backend Developer

    Mike Hickey is a software developer with a passion for open source software, music and more recently health and fitness. After attending the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he helped found radiotakeover, a streaming music service for independent artists and labels. He went on to work as a Software Developer at Nontoxic Group, Indie Merchandising, Jakprints, 27 Cubes and Sprokets, among others. Mike enjoys focusing on the process of increasing software quality though the adoption of community supported standards, best practices, and other workflow improvements. He is also a father, runner, crossfitter, homebrew enthusiast and dog lover – and he played keyboards in The Killing, a metal band from Greater Philadelphia.

  • Ian Schneider
    Ian Schneider

    Ian Schneider

    Lead Banner Developer

    Ian is a native New Yorker who holds the world in his fingertips. What began for him at BBDO has blossomed into an 8+ year career in oh-so-clickable banner creation. If there’s one thing Ian loves, it’s coffee. So much so that he used to be a coffee roaster before he began his career in development.

    In his off-hours, you can find Ian playing darts at his favorite local haunt. (It’s almost more than a hobby for him at this point.)

  • Erin Kim
    Erin Kim

    Erin Kim

    Social Strategist

    Erin Kim is a multimedia storyteller crafting experiences through social media and digital platforms. She’s developed content and campaigns with Entertainment Weekly, Sweetgreen, Architizer, Refinery29, Yahoo and J.Crew. With a degree in Storytelling & Documentary from NYU Gallatin, she characterizes her social media marketing with engaging, journalistic narratives. As an interdisciplinary artist (Agnes) and founder of the love letter art journal Lettres Mag, she creates intimate works encouraging self-empowerment and empathy.

  • Tein Gueorguieva
    Tein Gueorguieva

    Tein Gueorguieva


    Likes to doodle

    Born in Bulgaria and raised in Queens, Tein traded the N for the 4 and now lives in Yorkville. While studying Communications Design at Pratt Institute, he nurtured his love for typography, illustration, and design. When Tein is not at Compose[d] creating, he can be found in the dog park chasing after a mischievous golden retriever, Beau, or at home plotting world domination with Lola, a long haired tuxedo cat.

Brewing Now

Without the fuel, there’s no fire. Here’s what’s in our cup now.

Irving Farm

Rainforest Foundation Project

This blend created in tribute to our partnership with the Rainforest Foundation is a house favorite at Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, and at Compose[d]. Certified USDA Organic, it tastes great, and helps to secure the rights of indigenous peoples and restore the earth’s rainforests. What’s not to love about that?

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Cool Things

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Millennials & The Dinner Party

In a recent article published by Vox, author Nisha Chittal explains how millennials “killed” the traditional dinner party and how (and why) it’s been reinvented and replaced by more casual gatherings. There’s been a lot of discussion recently about the behavior of younger generations and how that behavior is directly driven by values (shameless plug […]

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How Gen Z is Dealing With a Looming Climate Apocalypse

Vice recently sat down with 9 Gen Z’ers to discuss the innvitable climate apocalypse. It seems like in this day and age, only doing the bare minimum when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint is not enough and often times leads to “eco-anxiety – the stress associated with facing a climate crisis and uncertainty […]

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